Lab Members

Graduate Students:


PrakashPrakash Sah is a PhD student and joined the lab in the Fall of 2015.  His research focuses on understanding host-pathogen interactions of Chlamydia trachomatis.  Specifically he is looking at identify host factors that interact with Chlamydial effector proteins and inclusion membrane proteins.  Prakash received an Otto S. Cox Fellowship for Genetics Research in 2017 and the Durham Research Fellowship in 2018!








Deepali Luthra 2Deepali Luthra is a PhD student who joined the lab in the Fall of 2017.  Deepali's project is focusing on the host-pathogen interactions of Pseudomonas aeruginosa with the host cell in conditions varying Calcium and other host factors. 






Colleen (Denver) La Force is a Masters student who originally joined the lab as an undergraduate in the summer of 2017. She has decided to stay on to pursue her graduate work in our lab! Her project involves studying the protein structure of Chlamydial inclusion membrane proteins and taking a closer look at ocular isolates.

 Undergraduate Students: 

SavannaWaddle3Savanna Waddle is an undergraduate workstudy and OK-LSAMP Scholar who helps keep our lab running by staying on top of lab chores and keeping our lab presentable!  She is also conducting research on biofilms and the effects of antibiotics on biofilm systems.





Emily GEmily Geitzen is an undergraduate Niblack Research Scholar, Lew Wentz Scholar and OSU Goldwater nominee who joined the lab in the Fall of 2017.  Her project focuses on generating a genetic knockdown system for Chlamydia that will be used to determine the role of specific inclusion membrane proteins in pathogenesis.







Kaylea Bixler sizedKaylea Bixler is Freshman Research Scholar in her first year here at OSU!  Her project focuses on examining examining the various antibiotic resistance profiles of various pathogens of Cystic Fibrosis patients! She officially joined the lab in the Spring of 2018. Kaylea is a Lew Wentz Scholar and also an early admit student to medical school (OSU HSc)!






Lutter Lab Alumni

  • Christopher Laley
  • Ashley Means
  • Chloe Backhaus
  • Dillon Jones
  • Anna Wright
  • Elizabeth Pascual, MSc
  • Link Zheng
  • Brooke Romine
  • Wade Arthur
  • Matt Smith
  • Rachel Mcallister
  • Amanda Behar, MSc
  • Rawan Eleshy, MSc
  • Jordan Fleming
  • Nicholas H. Nelson
  • William (Colby) Starr